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How can you tell which product you purchased? It is confusing because the producers of these products make three different qualities, Good, Better, & Best selections. Which of the three selections did you receive? Not knowing who to trust is difficult. All patio covers companies carry more than one producer which adds more to the confusion. It is very common for consumers to receive a lesser product than originally thought. Salesmen in our industry are paid by commission, over and under par. Which means, if the salesman can charge you more money than normal the salesman splits the extra money with his employer. If he sells you for less he makes less of a commission. This pay scale breeds dishonesty. The salesman automatically becomes over par once he switches you to a different product. We only provide and install the thickest grade product in your home which reflects the true quality in all our photos. The quality you see in our photos is the quality you can rely on for you home installation.

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