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Farm-House Patio Cover Designs in Orange County Ca.

Apr 3, 2018 | News

Farm House Patio Cover Designs are easily constructed in one day!

With current trends, creating a traditional covered patio becomes much more accessible. Try the wainscot-looking panel using the Alumawood Newport Flat pan. Add more design details at no additional cost by choosing two colors for your covered patio cover.

Use a white-colored roof, giving an appearance of a tongue and groove panel above your head, and choose another color to wrap the fascia. Two-tone colors can help to add contrast to your patio cover design.


Install square columns with doubleheader beams adds fullness to the overall appeal of your shade structure. You can add lighting to your order by selecting the recessed L.E.D.s. Photos show the actual quality of the genuine Alumawood TM products. Best by quality and design, you will never have that feeling that you made the wrong design decision or the right choice on products. Don’t make a mistake with your options. Remember, you will regret an off-brand product’s poor design and quality. Design your patio cover right from the start by Calling 888 220-3970 and scheduling a free estimate with one of our designers. Visit us at