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Our quality is in every detail.

What to look for in each detail and what to expect from a quality shade structure. You would have never guessed these issues.

Identifying products is crucial, and producers do not differentiate between their three qualities, making it nearly impossible to distinguish between the Good, Better, & Best lineup. Rest assured; all original Alumawood TM material products are ink stamped inside each beam for easy identification.

Look closely at the embossed woodgrain effect; is it vague or finely detailed?

Can you see the end caps on the beams from a distance?

Do the beams collapse or bow in the middle?

Does the patio structure get dirty and not come clean?

How about the noise when it rains?

Press your thumb against the post side plates. Does the post-side plate easily bend or collapse?

Brackets are critical; Rolled formed vs. extruded frames?

How about the paint finish?

Alumawood patio structures boast siliconized polyester paint with Teflon surface protection. As a result, You will never have to repaint your shade structure — easy annual cleaning with a garden hose to give your shade structure a fresh appearance yearly.