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Equinox louvered Roof System Patio Covers

When it comes to the exposures of the sun, heat, and rain, nothing protects you better than an Equinox® louvered roof system.

Besides, the Equinox Louvered System can connect to your existing smart home system, your I Phone, or wireless network, allowing full control of your eight-inch louvers.

Most importantly, the system is remote-controlled, solar-powered, ,and connected entirely off the electrical power grid, enabling you to control the motorized system – even during a power outage. Equinox® louvers are adjustable, offering a 160-degree range of motion and as much ventilation as needed to cool your patio space.

Too much sunlight or not enough, Equinox® also changes the light patterns underneath your shade structure. With experience, some customers say they can bounce sunlight off the louvers when the sun is setting – providing more light underneath the patio area when needed.

In a rainstorm, you can close the louvers and enjoy the downpour from the comfort of your outdoor patio without getting wet.

The Equinox® Louvered Roof system can be customized in a variety of styles ranging from contemporary to traditional, always complimenting your home’s exterior design. The strength of the Equinox® Louvered Roof system permits for more significant allowances of post spacing ­– surpassing other traditional patio cover shade structures.

The Equinox® Louvered Roof system is available in three colors: White, sandstone, and clay. The Equinox® 2″ x 8″ frame is available in four colors: White, Sandstone, Clay, and bronze. We offer a 10-year limited warranty on all parts and labor. A 10′ x 20′ louvered roof patio cover starts at $8,595.00 complete do it yourself kit that attaches to your home’s wall. Some limitations and exclusions apply.