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Patio Covers Lake Forest- Remove & Replace in Two Days

Feb 26, 2013 | News

Canyon breeze, eucalyptus trees, and honey bees, that’s Lake Forest!

Are you unhappy being stuck inside your home because your wood patio cover has become a safety and fire hazard? Dry rot, termites, and broken beams causing an eyesore? Unable to entertain guests?

We can easily remove your wood patio cover in one day and install a new covered patio in the next. It doesn’t have to break your purse strings either. We have removed and replaced hundreds of wood patio covers in Lake Forest for over the last 15 years with genuine Alumawood Patio Cover products. Alumawood Patio covers are virtually care-free and easy to maintain.



Patio cover design ideas in Orange County, California.

We have designed & built hundreds of Patio Covers in Lake Forest, California. Best in design, quality, and savings. Visit our website for more information or call us at 949 233-2376. You will never regret buying from a local contractor.