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Things you can do during a COVID-19 Quarantine or lock down

Things you can accomplish during the COVID-19 lockdown or 14 Day Corona Virus quarantine

 Are you stuck in the house because of the Corona Virus threats? You can do many things to pass the time, allowing you to do chores you would not have time to perform in the past.

  • Clean out your closet space and get rid of things you don’t need- a closet is always a place where ideas can clutter. Take this time to reinvent and organize your drawers, cabinets, and closet spaces. You will be amazed at what you thought you lost and found again. We often buy things twice, sometimes three times, because we never knew that we had them.
  • Organize your garage, and this is an area that can save you time coming and going. While you are at it, you can pull out all the cars, wash the garage floors, and sanitize them with bleach. If you have children, this will give you extra space to let the kids roam while doing other chores. The garage is a great place to set up a swing to push your kids around, making an area for playtime. I purchased a Gorilla Gym that gives you and your kids something to hang on. You have space, so use it wisely.
  • Get outside and do yard work- A yard is always a place that needs extra love and attention. In our usual life pre- COVID-19, we were caught up in our daily life that did not allow us to get out into the garden, but now is the time. You will be amazed by how well and quickly you can do things you used to ignore. Plus, the good feeling you get is more valuable than the time you spend.
  • Clean your windows-It’s hard to imagine you spent half of your life not looking out your windows and enjoying the outside views; this is the time. Start by going small and clean one window at a time, and you will be motivated to clean more windows. Progress happens by doing one thing at a time. Dirty windows are very depressing, and at this time, you don’t need more with all the negative news. If you want to go big and purchase a pressure washer and cleaner, you can amazon, and this is one that I bought that is easy to store and very portable at a reasonable price and on sale now.
  • When bad things occur, opportunity follows, so be positive- this gives you time to remove items from your backyard. Like: Removing and replacing your old broken down wooden pergola or patio cover and eliminating a significant eyesore. We have a replacement deal for patio covers here. Storage sheds can be cleaned or removed. You can easily demo out old obstacles that stand in your way of progress—in this time of uncertainty, giving you that opportunity to do so. Although you won’t be able to go to your gym for workouts, you can lift the weight of doing demos, but you already have the gorilla gym for that.
  • Last but not least, when everything goes back to normal and, it certainly will, your life will be much more comfortable and more efficient. You will be motivated to keep things organized as you go like never before.