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Touch & Virus Free Backyard Design & Quote By Phone.

Mar 14, 2020 | News


Our Plan– Yes, We Are Open!

 To calm fears and anxiety over the COVID-19 Virus, we here at Factory Direct Patio Covers Inc. have a plan to enable a stress-free estimation, design, and install process.

First, we will call ten to fifteen minutes before the arrival of your appointment, and we will ask that you leave your side gate open so we can get into your back yard without touching the side gate itself. We will call you by phone and discuss your design details while measuring your patio cover areas and dimensions.

Secondly, we will promptly leave without touching anything and send you your quote by email or text with a package of relevant design information.

Finally, we can ultimately build your cover in one day and pressure wash and sanitize the next day.

 Mention Our Plan when calling. Thank you.