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10 Affordable & Beautiful Home Décor ideas for the Outdoorsy Type

If you are a lover of the great outdoors, then you probably love nature as a whole, and also want to retain that flourish and beauty that nature provides all around your home. Botanicals are the best way to keep your home looking fresh all year long – from ferns to poppies and succulents that lie just in between, botanicals provide endless inspiration. What’s even better is that it costs close to nothing (with a few exceptions, of course) and is super easy to do.

Here are a few tips to make your home a botanical-inspired resort regardless of the season and your budget. All that really matters now is your taste.

1. Outdoor Patio Cover
An outdoor patio cover is one of the most effective ways to boost the whole outdoor look, and by a long shot. A well-constructed patio cover not only looks appealing, given the right tint, coloring and materials, it also extends your living space.

You can place some extra nature-themed furniture out on the patio without having to worry about the weather at any time and just enjoy the beautiful view of your outdoor oasis.

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2. Use a botanical fabric
Use a texture that features birds, tree branches, beautiful flowers or foliage to wake your room up to the fresh smell of spring. If you are an experienced sower, you could even try to fashion your own slipcovers for the dining room chairs. If not, a seat cushion or two could do just fine, or otherwise use a botanical print oil cloth – cut out a tablecloth using pinking shears. Zero sewing required.

3. Make luxurious linen-backed pressed-flower portraits
A simple walk along a local trail or a morning frolic in your own backyard can provide sufficient specimen to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind art that will be yours to keep.

  • The first step is to actually pick up a beautiful flower or two that you like.
  • You then need to press the flowers. Do this by closing them carefully in a heavy book or a flower press, if you own one, one per page. Leave them be for one or two weeks so they can dry before they’re ready for use.
  • When they’re ready. trim a piece of linen for the back of the frame and attach it using adhesive.
  • You can either more adhesive to stick the flowers to the linen, or simply place the flowers on top let the glass to hold them in place.

4. Cover a windowpane in sea glass
If you have a collection of beach glass lying around, you could use adhesive to cover a window with it. This window act like frosted glass – it prevents anyone from viewing either inside or outside, but will still let the light in, so use it somewhere it will be an asset, such as the bathroom.

Use a clear floral-setting resin (easy to find in craft stores with floral supplies) to fill in gaps between glass pieces.

5. Mix household staples with finds from nature
Nature’s discarded remains can easily add a touch of beauty to your home. A little bird’s nest or a small potted plant can give your coffee table a clean look with hardly any effort.

Dig around in your kitchen cupboards for anything that could be used in a display, such as cake stands, dessert plates, glass jars and serving trays. Play around with them until the arrangement pleases you.

6. Paint your coffee table legs summer-sky blue
Simple enough to undertake, and it would only take an afternoon to do. If you have any paint lying around in a bright spring color, table legs are the ideal place to use it since they need only a small amount of paint.

You should tape off the edges of your tabletop and sand, clean and prime the table legs before giving them a new coat of color.

7. Wrap branches in rainbow-hued thread
This also pretty simple and you could do it over a plate of popcorn. Take any old twig (clean and dry it up thoroughly) and wrap it up with some vibrant-colored thread.

Use a little glue to hold the thread in place at the beginning and end of each place you wrap, and leave some bark exposed between colors for contrast.

8. Succulents
Of course, the best way to give a house the outdoor feel is by using actual botanicals. Succulents include most desert plants like the cactus.

Succulents are the most preferable because they not only add to the beauty of your home but are also easy to grow and maintain since they don’t require much water.

9. Mix up the colors
White and ivory are colors often confused, but contrast each other well and create a beautiful natural décor. Flavor things up by using shells, coral and starfish with an equally colorful backdrop. Paint the back of the ivory (or white) cabinet an eye-catching hue to make the white objects even more apparent.

10. Fill bottles and jars with your finds
A glass jar (with or without water) filled up with sea glass always looks lovely if placed in a window to catch the light. You could also try placing small, smooth stones in a glass jar for even more appeal.

The great outdoors are great and would even be greater if you could be around the feel of them as long as you want (without having to sleep outside). Hopefully, these tips gave you a few cost-effective tips on how to make this possible.