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Recessed Lighting Built Into Your Solid Patio Cover

Light Things Up

Want to be able to enjoy dining or entertaining under your solid roof patio cover well into the evening? Ask for TheLightStrip®, a recessed lighting system that can be built into your patio cover’s ceiling panels. With all of the electrical integrated into the panels you’ll get a clean look, with no visible electrical conduits or wires.

TheLightStrip® features 4-inch recessed lights with color-matching trim, in strips that can be installed every five feet for maximum light coverage. Control the entire system from the porch light switch inside your house, or have a separate light switch installed outside if that would be more convenient for you.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

Enhance your outdoor living space in ways never before available. Get multiple overhead lights for even illumination, in attractive, modern fixtures that fit the look of your home.

To learn more, contact us at 949-233-2376.
Lightstrip Brochure

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