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Our quality is exhibited in every detail.

When shopping for quality patio covers, you can become a victim if you choose the wrong company, product or grade of materials. Be careful who you choose to design and build your patio cover shade structure. There are many grades of materials used in the patio cover industry.

We have developed a formula to produce a particular look that many companies try to emulate, but often fail at. When sitting and relaxing under your new patio cover, one of two things could happen: You could be staring at all the mistakes and defects from a poor quality patio cover that was improperly installed. Or, you could be proud and extremely happy about your new patio cover shade structure. You have to be very careful with metal products – if you desire a high quality appearance.

No one wants a mobile home look. Get the custom home appearance. Patio cover shade structures should complement your home’s colors, design and appearance. Remember, quality doesn’t necessarily cost more. It can cost much less if you do your research. Just ask one of our 2,000 customers if they regret or are proud of our design, installation and craftsmanship.

Peace of mind is included in every order!

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