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Tiny Homes & Tips to Keep Visitors Cozy in Your Tiny Home

Jan 8, 2022 | News

Photo via Unsplash & Guest Blogger Jackie Waters 

Tips to Keep Visitors Cozy in Your Tiny Home

There’s a lot to love about tiny homes. On top of some of the social benefits of tiny houses, like how they help reduce a home’s carbon footprint and may even be a feasible solution to some issues surrounding homelessness, there are many reasons they benefit the homeowner directly. For instance, Tiny House Citizens explains that you can take it traveling with you, save money on energy costs, and it’s a great way to declutter your life. Tiny homes are such an intelligent solution for the future that they’ve inspired an entire tiny homes movement!

Still, no one who loves living in a tiny house will deny that the close quarters take some getting used to at first. That’s why many little house owners may ask themselves how best to ensure visitors to their tiny home have a cozy and comfortable stay even if they’re not used to doing things the little house way. The good news is you can do a few things to make everyone’s visit a bit more pleasant, and you don’t even have to break the bank to do it, either! Alumawood shares some budget-conscious ways to make visitors to your tiny house feel right at home.

Make Sure They Have Somewhere Comfy to Sleep

Ensuring guests can easily sleep through the night is essential in making their visit to your tiny house pleasant. Since you might not have a spare air mattress already on hand, you can get them in various sizes at big-box retailers like Macy’s and Target, where you’ll also find all the linens, pillows, and blankets you may need for your guests.

Keep Senior Relatives Comfortable

You can’t cater to everyone but want to ensure your aging parents are comfortable. That way, they can enjoy spending time with you and any grandkids or pets, including removing any potential slip or fall hazards the youngers easily overlook. Declutter and remove items that make walkways more challenging to navigate, and install night lights for those occasional late-night trips to the bathroom or the frig. These safety measures can benefit all guests regardless of age so that you aren’t the one going bump in the night.

Help Keep Nighttime Pet Peeves at Bay

Close quarters mean a lot of sounds, which can be challenging if your visitors are used to having more space and silence! If your visitors make the noise, your sleep can get in the way. Ensure you pick up inexpensive earplugs and eye masks to block any light, and invest in snore reduction strips like those by Breathe Right. A sound machine or small interior water fountain is also an excellent way of drowning out nighttime noise in your tiny home. CertainTeed notes that white noise helps reduce sounds in the environment and contributes to a more restful night’s sleep.

Give Them a Way to Keep Their Things Organized

One of the drawbacks people sometimes mention about tiny homes is that you have to keep your stuff organized for things to work. If your guests aren’t always the best at keeping things tidy, giving them space upfront to put away some of their belongings while staying with you may make things easier for everyone. Whether this means providing an inexpensive shower caddy or a rolling storage bin, it will be much easier for your guests to make themselves at home while helping you keep your space organized.

Don’t Be Afraid to Expand Outside.

If the weather is favorable enough, there’s no reason not to pitch a tent on the property outside your tiny house. If kids are visiting, it’s a fun excuse for a camp-out sleepover. However, adults will love this solution for providing a way to get some personal comfy and private sleeping space while ensuring they remain connected to your amenities.

As part of your outdoor expansion, consider setting up a patio area so you and your guests can get some fresh air, stretch your legs, and enjoy downtime together. You could even set up an outdoor cooking area complete with a BBQ range hood. Don’t forget about the quality patio covers and shade structures available from Alumawood. With these ideas in mind, it’s possible to create a backyard oasis.

You don’t have to limit your ability to host overnight guests just because of a tiny home as long as you take a few practical steps to make the situation more feasible and comfortable for all involved. And who knows, maybe once your guests see how cost-effective and fun a tiny home can be, you might rope a few more loved ones into the tiny home movement with you!

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