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8 Affordable Ways to Increase Your Property’s Value

Dec 24, 2016 | Home

The tips below are relatively simplistic and won’t cost you a lot (depending on the size of your property), at the same time giving you 100% returns and adding more value to your home.

1. Plant Trees
Trees are perhaps the most overlooked asset of a property. They increase the chance of your house selling not only for the well-landscaped yard with mature trees and bushes and the physical appeal that it brings but also for the privacy they provide in the front yard.

Perhaps the only drawback to trees is time. The average backyard plant takes up to 7 years to grow, with plants like oaks taking around 12 years to reach a 15-foot height, and it doesn’t have to be wholly developed. Remember that they increase a home’s value by 25%!

If you aren’t planning on selling today, buy some seeds and get some trees growing in your yard.

Pro tip: If you plan on planting the trees yourself, get advice from a local gardening shop first so you don’t end up planting in the wrong locations. Overgrown plants that cover the windows of a house or trees with roots that buckle a driveway will, in fact, decrease property value.

2. Paint the Exterior
The science behind it is pretty simple. Most people prefer a clean-looking, brand-new home that looks like nobody lived there before, and a fresh coat of paint achieves just that, effectively adding thousands of dollars to your home’s value. Remember that neutral to light colors appeal to most people when selecting paint colors.

A bucket of paint costs as little as $25, and if you aren’t willing to do it on your own, you could hire a painter for $1.5 to $2.5 per square foot, and you are good to go!

3. Upgrade the Kitchen
The kitchen is arguably an essential room in the home, and many buyers will impulsively head there the first time they step into the house, so make sure your kitchen is spruced up and reasonably updated.

Replace the old equipment with newer, more up-to-date ones that won’t look old-fashioned in just ten years. Replace the kitchen sink and create an easy-to-navigate kitchen by ensuring access to the kitchen sink, fridge, and cooker (the kitchen triangle). If your budget is considerably larger than a few hundred bucks, give the cabinets a makeover – hire a refacing company or order your replacement cabinet doors and door fronts from retailers and install them yourself.

4. Basic Care and Maintenance
Before you get to the kitchen, though, you should probably address the basics. Repair leaking pipes, replace leaking windows, fix the roof, and weed the flower bed. The little things matter the most when it comes to selling your house.

The most moneywise investment could also be the difference between a sale and a lack thereof. The overall condition of your house matters the most; it will sell faster if it is in good condition.

4. Curb Appeal
Your home should look attractive, welcoming, and structurally sound. Trees are a definite way to achieve this, but not even that alone is enough.

Give your front door a new look, and add an awning for shelter against the sun and rain. A nicely manicured lawn with well-defined landscaping will help achieve higher rent and quicker sales, making the value climb.

5. Interior Flooring
For an estimated average investment of $700, the return value comes in at up to $2000 for materials spent on getting new floor materials, but you could spend far less. A home’s floors should be contemporary, clean, and stylish.

Old, musty carpeting will not do the value of your home any favors. Hardwood floors are perennially popular, and the easiest to care for, but a brand-new, clean, high-quality carpet can also be attractive and create a warm atmosphere.

Be sure to fix any flaws in your flooring, and be prepared to replace carpets if they are ancient.

6. The Bathroom
Much work goes on in the bathroom, and it is easily susceptible to wear and tear. You should get an upgrade on it before selling the house.

  • Work with granite. It adds a particular flourish and appeal, giving the whole room a relaxed feeling.
  • Nix, the overhead lighting in favor of the wall, mounts to add warmth and value to your bathroom. Ensure you have even lighting around your mirror with no side shadows.
  • Install a shower with body sprays and stone surround tile, with an eventual 85% return.
  • Always keep it clean since dirt and grime can embed easily in bathroom surfaces.

7. Hire a Certified Home Inspector
If you will put your house up for sale anytime soon, get an inspector before you put your home on the market. He will outline all the things that potentially reduce the house’s value, and you could fix them all. Buyers won’t likely ask for expensive fixes and concessions if it turns out well.

8. Add an Outdoor Patio Cover
If you want to improve the chances of your house selling, add an outdoor patio cover. They come with numerous benefits and are a decisive tie-breaker if a neighbor’s house is also for sale. Most buyers admit they are willing to pay an extra thousand dollars or so just for the new beauty it provides. Ensure you put out lots of beautiful flowers once you get the cover. Flowers will add an extra fresh touch to the appeal of your home. Get a free quote on a patio cover!

You can add value to your property relatively quickly, unlike what most people think, and whereas you can pour thousands of dollars and get definite returns, there are also more straightforward methods of achieving the same result with substantially less money.