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Actionable Resources for Improving a Property’s Curb Appeal

Oct 9, 2021 | News

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When selling a house, you want to unload it quickly. Generally, the longer a home is on the market, the harder it becomes to sell. You can help by enhancing the property’s curb appeal—the first impression it makes from the street.


Consult the resources below to boost curb appeal as you prepare your house for buyers.


Address Essential Repairs First


A house that’s in disrepair will be less appealing to buyers.


  • A worn roof jeopardizes a property’s integrity and will be a significant red flag for buyers. Plus, it looks shoddy! Fix this first.
  • Detached or rusty gutters are another eyesore. You can hire a pro to replace them or do the job yourself.
  • Address deferred maintenance issues like cracked driveways or pathways, wood rot, and termite damage.


Make the Exterior Look Like a New


Prioritize exterior updates with a proven return on investment.


  • A fresh coat of paint can make an older house look new and shiny again. Use energy-efficient hues that look pretty and help cut heating and cooling costs.
  • Windows are another worthy update, garnering an average ROI of 72.3%. Install double-pane styles to keep out noise.
  • If you have the space, consider adding a front porch or deck. The average ROI for this update is a whopping 90.3%.


Spruce Up Your Landscaping for an Added “Wow” Factor


Give your garden a makeover for the final step.


  • Search “tree cutters near me” for well-reviewed local tree removal services to eliminate any dead or dying trees that could fall on the house and damage it. Make sure to compare a few quotes before hiring a service.
  • Get rid of unsightly brown spots on your lawn with proper fertilization, re-seeding, aeration, and irrigation.
  • Use landscaping to create more privacy, which many home buyers covet. For example, high hedges can keep out prying eyes.
  • When planting your garden, select a mix of flowers that bloom all year round.
  • A patio cover from Alumawood Factory Direct can enhance your outdoor space and protect your patio from the elements.


Use the resources above to boost curb appeal and enhance your home’s overall value. With carefully thought-out repairs and modifications, you can ensure your house doesn’t languish on the market but sells quickly—and for a great price.

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