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Alumawood Patio Covers Huntington Beach, CA.- Remove & Replace

“Come outside and enjoy your patio once again.”


A broken-down old wooden cover can keep you away from going outside. You fear it will fall and become a danger for others. Termite infestation may be getting behind your house walls and into your home. Or become a fire danger, not to mention the constant care needed to maintain it. In Huntington Beach, there are virtually thousands of homes that need their old dry rot wooden patio cover removed and replaced. We have the answers.


Budgeting for a new patio cover can be reasonably priced and won’t empty your bank account. A wooden patio cover can easily be removed in one day and replaced the next. It doesn’t have to be painful.

“Patio covers can extend your indoor living space.”

In case you forgot, outdoor space connects your home interior to the outside. You can gain more living space and give yourself the feeling of more room to mingle with friends and family for holidays or gatherings. 

“Great place for your kids while you clean your home.”

“Kids love to play.” Having a place to put them out of the house gives you the ability to do chores you couldn’t do before. A patio cover will provide the area to allow this to happen. Everyone needs extra space, especially if you have children. Even if it rains, a solid Newport flat pan non-insulated could be just what you need, and we have a promotion for installing one. Our most popular solid top patio cover ever!

“Patio covers provide a place for Fido as well.”

People remove and replace their old patio cover just for their animals but not limited their either. Parrots, Cats, dogs, and others can enjoy the protection from the rain and direct sunlight, giving them the feeling of being indoors with a fresh breeze of air. Your animals will love it.

“Release the stress and come home to a new patio sanctuary.”

 A patio cover can become that separate living area that you can come home and enjoy a brew or two while releasing the stresses from a problematic day stuck inside an office. Add water elements (a single water feature or a fountain) under your patio cover. The sound of water is soothing to your senses.

Remove and replace your old wood patio cover with genuine Alumawood and Maxxwood patio cover products; we serve Huntington Beach, California. Consider an Equinox Louvered roof system patio cover. Quality costs much less call us 714 713-2240

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