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Replacement Patio Covers in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Laguna Niguel has thousands of wood patio cover ready to fall to the ground, becoming a significant liability to a homeowner or a landlord. Don’t leverage your homeowner’s insurance if something terrible were to happen, remove and replace!

“Replace your termite-infested, dry rotted, falling to pieces wood patio cover easily.”

Can’t go outside because your wood cover is falling to the ground? Are you embarrassed to bring friends to your backyard? You only go to your neighbors for parties and avoid inviting anyone over?

Don’t worry; it doesn’t cost much to remove and replace your elephant in the outdoor space. Try our replacement deals and get a free estimate that will make your life much better. Typical pricing costs a little as $3,300, including removal for a size 10′ x 20′ patio cover. See our Promotion here.

Never paint or maintain another patio cover as long as you live. Buy Maxxwood for a designer look.

Removed in one day and rebuilt the next day. Easy as 1,2,3,


Consider an Equinox Louvered roof system patio cover. Call us at 949 233-2376

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