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Patio Cover replacement in Yorba Linda, Ca. Easy as 1,2,3.

“Tired of that old wooden patio cover keeping you indoors?”

We have the fix!

Wood patio covers can be more than a fire hazard. An old wood patio cover infested with termites; dry rot and debris can make life less safe and, worst of all, keep you indoors. Most people think removing and replacing your old wood cover is very costly. We have the fix. We can demo your wood cover in one day and install the next day using genuine products that require little to no maintenance. You can pay now or pay much more later. Be proactive. The wood covered patio pictures above cost $450 for removal, $2,200 for material, and $700 install. The total price could be around $3,350.00. No Tax.

You can make your life much easier by replacing your existing covered patio with genuine Alumawood or Maxxwood aluminum products. Savings is what we do. 

Design & Build your Alumawood Patio Cover right the first time. We service Yorba Linda, California. Leader in the industry for design & Savings. Call us at 714 713-2240

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