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Aluminum Patio Awnings-Factory Direct Patio Covers

Jan 19, 2020 | News

Keep The Heat Out and Let the Sun Light Shine In.

Our all-aluminum Patio Awnings are a great way to reduce the sunlight’s exposure to your home’s interior. Our Awnings can filter the harmful effects of direct sunlight into your home’s windows, minimizing the impact of fading your carpets and flooring.


Control your outdoor patio area’s atmosphere by installing a louvered Patio Awning, allowing as much light as possible depending on your needs.

Installing an all-aluminum patio cover requires little to no maintenance over time. The costs are very affordable and easy to install. Aluminum Awnings will stand the test of time without having to paint them.

Typical designs can range from contemporary to traditional and sometimes somewhere in between. Choosing a great design is easy and comfortable with our help and experience.

Please choose the right company from the start and give us a call at 888-220-3970

Enjoy the benefits of installing a new outdoor Patio Awning, keeping your home’s interior cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Easy and very affordable to create and design with our help and know-how.