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Can you add a solid top to an existing Aluminum open top lattice patio cover?

Jun 13, 2023 | News

Can you add a solid top to an existing Aluminum open-top lattice patio cover?

In most cases, adding a solid top over an existing open-top lattice aluminum or Alumawood patio cover is not recommended due to this concept’s lack of engineering support. The solid top patio cover would be susceptible to being blown away by high winds, posing a significant risk. Additionally, using a landscape mesh fabric over an existing open-top lattice patio structure can cause the patio cover to heat up since hot air cannot escape. This creates a greenhouse effect, resulting in discomfort.

If you decide to cover the lattice cover with a solid Aluminum top, such as the Alumawood Newport Flat Pan, you must remove all rafters and cross sections of the lattice tubes. The flat pan material would then be attached directly to the existing header beam on the posts. However, a potential issue with this conversion is that the header beam may require reinforcement with a steel C-beam to strengthen the structure. It is crucial to consider whether the new hybrid converted cover can withstand the winds in your specific area to prevent structural damage and liability.

Following the appropriate procedures, converting your lattice open-top cover to a solid patio cover should not significantly increase the cost. This would include considering the necessary posts and beams to ensure a proper installation.