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Cheap Patio Cover Ideas Using Genuine Alumawood

Nov 30, 2019 | News

Are you searching for Cheap Patio Cover ideas? 

 There are many ways to go cheap with a Patio Cover. Here are some ideas.

  1. You can order a complete Patio Cover with everything needed to install on your own and pick up from one of many locations around the country. Some areas we can deliver. Call us for information.
  2. Install on your own. We have directions that are very easy to put together without help. You do not need many tools to install a cheap patio cover.
  3.  You can purchase the basic style cover for around $7 per square foot, including tax, posts, and a complete kit with a more retro appeal and switch up more than one color to make the cover more attractive.
  4.  Purchase your patio cover online here if need be, and you can eliminate a couple of features that are not entirely needed. Doing so actually can appear more modern in style.
  5. Get your neighbor involved and make a deal with the dealer purchasing two at a time.