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Design a Pet-Friendly Yard: Tips for Seniors

Jul 29, 2022 | News

Design a Pet-Friendly Yard: Tips for Seniors

You’ve finally turned in your official retirement notice, and now, you’re looking forward to having more time with your family and friends. And if you’re a pet owner, you’re probably delighted that you won’t have to leave your pet behind daily to go to work! 

But perhaps being home more often has made you realize it’s time for some renovations—including in your backyard. If you’re ready to design a cozy backyard, you can invest in a covered patio from Alumawood! In the meantime, these tips can help you minimize your backyard sun exposure while keeping your pet safe.

Build a Cute Covered Patio

Perhaps you want to spend more time relaxing outdoors with your pet now that you’re retired – but your backyard gets too much sun exposure. Consider hiring contractors to build a covered patio. Under your patio cover, you can lounge around, entertain guests, or read a book while your pet explores the yard, all while keeping an eye on your pet. Just make sure a covered patio fits your space and budget.

Protect Your Pet From Heat and Insects

Your pet will benefit from a covered patio, as pets can get skin cancer from long-term sun exposure, but taking a few additional steps to keep your yard safe is essential. You may want to hire a fencing contractor to construct a fence if you don’t already have one or strengthen your existing fence and gate. If standing water is in your yard, Jet Pet Resort also recommends clearing away any algae, which can be toxic to pets. You can also protect your pet from ticks lurking in your backyard using oral or topical tick prevention medication.

Choose a Pet Insurance Policy

Maybe you already have pet insurance for your four-legged friend, but if you don’t, you should take out a policy before you create an outdoor living space. Pet insurance can help you pay less in veterinary bills, which can get relatively high if you have an older pet – and if your pet is spending a lot of time outside, they may be at a higher risk of illness or injury.

When finding California pet insurance, you’ll want to search for the right policy by reading up on several different coverage options. Not only will you want to find out what each policy covers, but you’ll also need to check out the pricing for each plan. Research the providers’ reputations to ensure you purchase insurance from a reliable company.

How You’ll Both Benefit

People of all ages, including seniors, can benefit from spending more time outdoors. Visiting Angels states that seniors who spend more time outside reduce their risk of mental health issues, enjoy better memory, and have longer lifespans on average. Plus, your pet will benefit right along with you! Pet Honesty states that outdoor exercise will help keep your pet’s joints loose, prevent mobility issues, improve their digestive health, and provide them with welcome mental stimulation. 

Relaxing outdoors with your beloved pet is a fantastic way to spend a sunny afternoon or a warm evening. By designing your backyard as an oasis that meets your needs and your pets’, you’ll get more enjoyment out of your everyday life. With these tips, you can build a covered backyard patio, protect yourself and your pet from the sun, keep your pet healthy with the right insurance, and maximize your backyard’s potential!

Are you ready to build a covered backyard patio? Alumawood can help you create a shaded outdoor living space! Call us today at 1-888-220-3970 to learn more about our products.

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