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Equinox Louvered Roof System Patio Covers

Jan 26, 2014 | Alumawood Factory, Alumawood Patio Covers

Discover the incredibly adaptable and cutting-edge Equinox® louvered roof system – a revolutionary solution that safeguards your patio against the elements such as sun, heat, and rain. Here are the pivotal characteristics and advantages of the Equinox® system:

Exceptional Shielding: Embrace outstanding protection against sun rays, heat, and rain with the Equinox® system. The adjustable louvers can be effortlessly manipulated to create your desired shade and ventilation levels, enabling you to craft a genuinely comfortable outdoor space.

Seamless Smart Integration: The Equinox® system seamlessly integrates with your existing smart home setup, iPhone, or wireless network. This integration gives you complete authority over the eight-inch louvers, allowing for remote adjustments.

Solar-Powered and Independent: Relying on solar energy, the Equinox® system is self-sufficient and independent of the electrical grid. This means you retain control of the motorized system even during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

Adaptable Louvers: With a 160-degree range of motion, the Equinox® system’s louvers allow you to cater to sunlight and ventilation needs. This adaptability aids in temperature regulation, curating a delightful outdoor atmosphere.

Enhanced Lighting Management: The Equinox® system also influences the play of light beneath your patio cover. By manipulating the louvers, you can redirect sunlight to provide enhanced illumination when desired, particularly during sunsets.

Rain Defense: In the face of rain, you can effortlessly close the Equinox® system’s louvers, transforming it into a sturdy roof that shields you from the wetness while preserving the outdoor ambiance.

Personalized Aesthetic: Tailor the Equinox® system to your preferences with various styles. Whether your taste leans towards contemporary or traditional, the system can be customized to harmonize with your home’s exterior design.

Built to Last with Warranty: Constructed for resilience, the Equinox® system surpasses traditional patio cover shade structures in terms of durability. It arrives with a 10-year limited warranty encompassing all components and labor, ensuring tranquility. A 3-year limited warranty covers most electronic components.

Pricing and DIY Alternatives: Embark on your Equinox® journey with a 10′ x 20′ louvered roof patio cover, starting at $8,595.00. This comprehensive do-it-yourself kit attaches to your home’s wall, allowing you to conserve expenses while actively participating in the installation process.