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Equinox Louvered Roof System- Upgraded to Equinox XP

Dec 11, 2013 | News


Presenting the Equinox XP: Amerimax’s Cutting-Edge Offering

Amerimax proudly unveils the Equinox XP, showcasing our relentless commitment to revolutionizing the louvered patio cover industry.

With the Equinox XP, we are ushering in a new era. We’re replacing the traditional steel louvers, crafted from a mix of galvanized steel and aluminum, with an entirely fresh concept: extruded aluminum louvers. This marks a monumental leap in strength, as the already robust extruded aluminum louvers are now fortified with an all-aluminum construction. This innovation renders the Equinox XP louvers the most resilient in the patio cover industry. This enhanced strength paves the way for more substantial allowances between bays – a development previously unachievable. Each louver now features an innovative lip or groove that facilitates a snug, watertight closure when stacked atop one another.

Diverse Color and Frame Options

Discover a palette of possibilities with Equinox XP. Colors include sandstone, clay, white, and black. The extruded aluminum 2″ x 8″ frame is available in five exquisite shades: sandstone, clay, white, bronze, and black.

Witness the Future of Louvered Patio Covers with Equinox XP by Amerimax – a triumph of strength, innovation, and design that redefines the essence of outdoor living solutions.