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Factory Direct Patio Covers Inc.- Patio Cover Designs

Dec 24, 2013 | News

Located in Orange County, California, Factory Direct Patio Covers Inc. is a respected establishment specializing in creating and installing bespoke patio cover designs. Their offerings span various styles, catering to traditional and contemporary preferences that harmonize with diverse architectural aesthetics.

The hallmark of their craftsmanship lies in aluminum patio covers, expertly constructed to endure the test of time. With aluminum’s inherent durability and low-maintenance nature, these covers can gracefully brave the elements, making them an ideal choice for outdoor structures. The primary objective of these covers is to furnish shade and safeguard against the sun’s rays, rendering your patio an all-season haven.

Beyond installation services, Factory Direct Patio Covers Inc. extends a helping hand to homeowners who opt for a hands-on approach. Their assistance is invaluable to DIY enthusiasts, providing guidance and support as they design and erect their own aluminum shade havens. For those considering this path, the company furnishes comprehensive patio cover kit pricing encompassing all requisite materials and components essential for the endeavor.

At the core of Factory Direct Patio Covers Inc. is a commitment to their craft and a drive to ensure client contentment. Armed with industry expertise and experience, their mission is to deliver patio covers of utmost quality that align precisely with client desires and expectations. Should inquiries arise or discussions about your patio cover vision beckon, reaching out to them at 714-713-2240 will open the door to their guidance and insights.