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Fun Backyard Party Games for the Entire Family

Mar 19, 2017 | Outdoor Living

With the weather finally showing signs of improvement, the timing couldn’t be better to arrange a gathering. If you’re fortunate to have a backyard, why not transform it into an outdoor party haven with a selection of lively party games? This is an excellent way to encourage mingling and enjoyment under the pleasant skies, catering to all ages, from youngsters to grown-ups. Below, we present some of our preferred backyard party game choices.


This easygoing and enjoyable game is tailor-made for outdoor play during a gathering. Its surge in popularity, observed at bars and open-air occasions such as weddings and festivals, underscores its contemporary allure. The game’s mechanics are simple – each team is armed with several small beanbags and takes turns tossing them at a lengthy wooden target featuring a central hole. The objective is to land the beanbag on the spot, yet points are earned for landing on the target. This game’s universal appeal is attributed to its inclusive nature.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball fits the bill for those seeking a more immersive game that can serve as the event’s centerpiece. Reminiscent of bowling, this game requires some groundwork. Dividing into two teams, you’ll need to set up a court with five designated zones (the size of which hinges on your available space; a quick online search can guide you). Each team is granted two attempts to toss a small ball, the jack, into the farthest zone. The initial success determines the starting team. The objective revolves around positioning your balls as close to the jack as possible.


Particularly suited for engaging youngsters, this game resonates with adults seeking nostalgia. Lightweight and budget-friendly horseshoe sets can be effortlessly procured from significant retailers; the task lies in setting up the posts. Participants can casually try their luck tossing horseshoes onto the posts as they mingle and revel in the festivities.

While adaptable to indoor play, Twister truly comes into its own when expansive backyard spaces are available. Most suitable for kids or adults comfortable with one another, the game involves close physical proximity. A unique twist can be added by spray-painting the dots directly onto the lawn, forsaking the conventional play sheet. This approach expands the board’s dimensions, allowing more individuals to partake.

Giant Jenga

Another trendsetter in recent years, this game shines outdoors where ample space is at your disposal. Crafting your giant Jenga blocks becomes a feasible DIY endeavor by purchasing wood from a local hardware store. Infuse more amusement by inscribing playful dares on individual blocks, enticing players to perform them upon selection.


For those with concrete or asphalt driveways, a dose of nostalgia can be conjured by using chalk to craft a vibrant hopscotch court for all attendees to enjoy. This delightful activity instantaneously kindles a sense of nostalgia, fostering interaction between children and adults. The chalk can continue to engage participants as they sketch and write throughout the event.