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Garden Ideas For Every Region of the US

May 14, 2017 | Outdoor Living

Garden Ideas For Every Region of the US

When planting your garden, it is essential to consider the climate and weather patterns of the region where you live. The effects on which plants can and cannot grow and survive in your garden comfortably and the more conducive to specific types of weather. In the United States, there are many different climates and regions, so it can be challenging to know what kinds of plants will be best for your garden. Here are some great garden ideas for six different areas of the United States.

Southwest – Succulent Garden
The deserts of the American Southwest can be a difficult place to grow plants, and people think it isn’t possible to create a garden there at all. Luckily, this isn’t true – you need to get creative with the types of plants you use. Succulents and cacti are the perfect plants for any southwestern garden because they thrive in hot temperatures and require minimal maintenance. There are many different types and sizes of succulents so that you can create a unique and vibrant garden with them.

Pacific Northwest – Asian-inspired Design
The Pacific Northwest is a great place to grow plants because the area receives so much moisture. There are plenty of stunning, brightly colored plants that are native to the city, such as Lewisia and the Broadleaf Lupine. Pair these bright colors with a calming Asian-inspired garden design for a result that is appealing without being over-the-top. Waterfalls, ponds, and bamboo all help create this atmosphere.

Rocky Mountains – Wildflowers and Native Grasses
Gardening in the mountain region of the country is particularly tricky because of the ever-changing climate and wildlife of the area. To prevent your garden from dying or being eaten, you’ll need to opt for native flowers and grasses that are tough and hardy. Longer meadows with colorful wildflowers as an accent are the perfect way to fill a large backyard. Add features like a walking path and a bench to keep your back yard looking polished.

Midwest – Polished Flower Garden
The Midwest is a great place to grow plants as long as you stick to the appropriate maintenance schedule. There are many flowers, plants, and trees that grow well in this area of the country, so take advantage of this to create a polished flower garden. Keep most of your backyard lush and green, and then surround it with bushes of flowers like phlox, St. John’s wort, and wild blue indigo to add some charm and romance. Many large trees grow well in the Midwest, so you can also consider adding one for shade and comfort.

Southeast – Vibrant Trees
The south can be a very tough region to garden in because it gets so hot in the summers. However, there are plenty of plants that can withstand challenging temperatures. In particular, fruit trees grow very well in many regions of the south, and they make the perfect centerpiece for your garden. Surround your trees with other brightly colored plants, such as yarrow, hibiscus, or some heat-tolerant forms of columbine, rose, verbena, and petunia. The weather in the southeast varies more state by state than in other regions, so consult an expert from a local garden store for more help.

Northeast – Fall Paradise
The northeast New England region is well known for its gorgeous leaves in the fall. Take advantage of this by planting beautiful trees that will flower in the spring and fade in the fall, which will produce a vibrant color for most of the year. With such great tree options, you don’t need to focus as much on flowers – opt for tough perennials that don’t require much maintenance. Maple, sassafras, and crabapple are a few of the many trees that look stunning when fall arrives in New England.


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