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Gardening Trends to Incorporate in Your Yard

For many people, it is a dream to have a house with a gorgeous, welcoming front yard. Even if your yard isn’t unusually large, you can still incorporate gardening trends into your outdoor space to make it more appealing. Many people are intimidated by the idea of gardening, but it is actually relatively simple once you get the hang of it, and can even be an enjoyable hobby. Here are some of the biggest gardening trends for this year that you can use in your own space.

Rocks and Boulders
Many people are shying away from perfectly manicured lawns and are instead focusing more on spaces that look more natural. One of the best ways to get that rugged, forest-inspired look is to add boulders and rocks to your garden where they fit in. They are a high contrast to brightly colored flowers and trees and provide some difference and texture that makes your garden look more attractive.

Edible Gardening
Sustainability for gardens and yards has become more popular most recently. It is easy to plant your vegetables and fruits in most climates, and they yield results that you can eat. Not only are the results of your gardening utterly delicious, but they also can save you tons of money that you would typically be spending on groceries.

Bright, Contrasting Colors
Interior design this year has focused heavily on bright colors, so it’s no surprise that outdoor landscaping and gardening trends have followed suit. Many people are using a variety of brightly colored flowers, shrubs, and trees to create a rainbow of hues in their backyard. Using your favorite colors is a great way to express yourself through your garden.

Open Play Spaces
Many people are now setting up their lawns to have tons of free space to play sports or for their children to enjoy. Most homeowners are focusing the majority of their planting around the edge of their garden while keeping the center free. Additionally, low-maintenance grasses are becoming very popular, which lend themselves to active play much better than heavily manicured lawns.

Low-Maintenance Shrubs and Cacti
Since the job market is now so competitive, fewer and fewer people have tons of time to spend on gardening. Because of this, we’ve seen the rise of low-maintenance plants in gardens everywhere. In particular, many people have been using small shrubs and succulents, which tend to be very hearty and don’t require too much water and care. Homeowners have been using local plants, which are much more likely to do well than plants from other areas that can struggle to survive in your climate.

Vertical Gardening
With many people living in urban communities where there isn’t much space to garden, it’s starting to make sense to grow plants upwards instead of out. There is a unique focus on vertical gardening, which uses walls, fences, trellises, and other vertical spaces to improve hanging plants. Vertical gardening provides an option for folks that live in condos or apartments, providing an outdoor space to grow, and it has the added benefit of looking very stylish as well.

Overall, recent gardening trends have been focusing mostly on efficiency and innovation, while still bringing appealing style to your yard. Gardening used to be an intimidating prospect for those who’d never tried it before, but these new trends make it easy for anyone to get started.


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