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Gardening Trends to Incorporate in Your Yard

Mar 4, 2017 | Outdoor Living


For numerous individuals, the aspiration of owning a house with an inviting, splendid front yard is a cherished dream. Even if your outdoor space isn’t large, there’s ample room to infuse prevailing gardening trends, elevating its allure. While gardening might seem daunting to some, it unveils a relatively straightforward process that can evolve into an enjoyable pastime. Below are some prominent gardening trends for the current year that you can seamlessly incorporate into your space.

Naturalistic Elements: A departure from meticulously manicured lawns is evident as more individuals gravitate towards an organic, forest-inspired aesthetic. Achieving this rugged allure involves integrating boulders and rocks into your garden’s layout. These elements, in stark contrast to vibrant flora and trees, offer variety and texture, heightening your garden’s visual appeal.

Edible Landscapes: The surge in sustainability has significantly propelled the popularity of incorporating edible elements into gardens and yards. Planting vegetables and fruits, an achievable feat across diverse climates yields delectable results that are also consumable. Beyond the culinary delights, cultivating your edibles can curtail grocery expenses, amplifying their practical value.

Vibrant Contrasts: Mirroring interior design trends, outdoor landscaping, and gardening embrace lively, contrasting colors. Enthusiasts adorn their spaces with an array of vividly-hued flowers, shrubs, and trees, conjuring a kaleidoscope of shades within their backyards. Harnessing your preferred colors allows you to imbue your garden with a personalized expression.

Versatile Play Zones: Dividing lawns into expansive play spaces for sports or children’s recreation is a notable shift. The bulk of planting occurs around the garden’s periphery, leaving the central expanse free for activities. Low-maintenance grasses are gaining favor as they lend themselves better to active pursuits than meticulously groomed lawns.

Effortless Greenery: Given the demands of today’s competitive job market, fewer individuals possess ample time for elaborate gardening. Consequently, a surge in low-maintenance plant choices is evident. Compact shrubs and resilient succulents, requiring minimal water and care, garner attention. Preference for indigenous plants is rising, as they thrive better in local climates than species from other regions.

Vertical Greening: With urban living limiting gardening space, vertical cultivation has emerged as a pragmatic solution. Vertical gardening capitalizes on walls, fences, and trellises, enabling the growth of hanging plants. This approach caters to those in condos or apartments, affording them outdoor gardening potential while adding style to their surroundings.

In essence, current gardening trends emphasize efficiency and innovative design, revitalizing your yard with a captivating style. What once appeared daunting to newcomers is now accessible, as these trends simplify the gardening journey for all.