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Popular Must haves for your Patio Cover Outdoor Space

Mar 26, 2017 | Outdoor Living


If you have a penchant for outdoor activities, dedicating extra time and effort to transform your backyard into a cozy and inviting haven makes perfect sense. While it’s entirely feasible to craft an intricately detailed outdoor setup through meticulous gardening and landscaping, there are instances when opting for a single, substantial addition can remarkably reshape your space with minimal exertion. This article explores a selection of our preferred substantial investments to elevate your backyard.

Patio Shelter If you possess a pre-existing patio or deck, acquiring a shelter for it can fashion an entirely distinct area that bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. This kind of zone proves exceptional for hosting gatherings and events, allowing you to relish the outdoors during cooler seasons while maintaining comfort.

Heated Spa An indulgent spa is a splendid augmentation to any backyard, mainly if you reside in a region with unpredictable weather patterns. While a swimming pool might require a consistently pleasant climate to justify the investment, a heated spa proves advantageous even in chillier conditions as it keeps you warm. Augment the experience with a nearby fire pit and atmospheric lighting for an enchanting ambiance at any gathering.

Permanent Grill Station While many individuals opt for a portable grill in their backyard, you can take it a step further by integrating a built-in grill setup and establishing a dedicated outdoor dining enclave. Warm weather warrants nothing more delightful than savoring a delectable meal in your own backyard. Hence, installing a premium grill station equipped with tables and cozy seating heightens the enjoyment.

Water Feature For an impeccable focal point within your backyard, a water feature like a fountain is a superb choice. Water exudes a tranquil essence, and you can exercise creativity with a garden fountain, playing with various shapes and water flow dynamics. If your backyard naturally adjoins a water source such as a babbling brook, this presents an excellent opportunity to harmonize the natural elements with contemporary ones in your setting.

Play Area If you’re a parent, this represents an optimal means to utterly transform your backyard and convert your home into the most entertaining hub in the vicinity. Numerous possibilities are available, contingent on your space. Swings, monkey bars, slides, or even a captivating kids-only clubhouse can be installed. While several of these items can be procured readymade, taking the DIY route is often more economical and permits personalized customization.

Al Fresco Bar For those who relish hosting gatherings, contemplate erecting a bar in your backyard. The supplementary seating is a boon for guests or casual family hangouts, and you’ll have the perfect locale for crafting and savoring your preferred beverages. Including a compact fridge to maintain refreshments at the ideal temperature and shelving for glassware and utensils completes the setup.

Elegant Pavilion If you aspire to infuse your yard with a touch of romance, a pavilion proves an exquisite addition. It bestows additional seating and shelter from the sun, lending a splendid appearance to any garden space. Enhance the charm by suspending stylish lanterns or alternative lighting options from the roof, bestowing a gentle radiance to your haven.

Incorporating a central feature into your backyard injects allure and transforms it into an ideal retreat, whether for solitary relaxation or hosting the event of the year. Consider investing in a striking centerpiece for an expeditious enhancement of your outdoor space.