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What are the costs of Aluminum patio covers? Ideas, Designs & Plans

How much do Aluminum Alumawood Patio Covers cost before the pandemic?


First of all, If you are in the process of designing a new patio cover using Alumawood aluminum products, we have some ideas and plans with an actual cost below. We added these examples of what you can expect to spend on your patio cover project.

Besides, having a well-thought-out plan is one of the most important aspects of preventing a lousy patio cover design, patio cover cost overruns, and costly mistakes. Here you will find some actual patio cover designs, plans, and ideas on real projects using genuine Alumawood aluminum products. These are just a few examples that might help you decide what you plan to use in your patio cover design.

Finally, please download any of these patio cover design plans to budget your costs associated with your new patio cover project. 

Project 1.

16′ x 16 attached Patio Cover, design, plan & cost.

This plan uses a steel c beam to reinforce the structure allowing for two posts total, nine recessed lights, and .032 gauge pans for a more robust appearance. All white structure using beveled end caps gives a more modern appeal installed at 9′ feet in height. All Alumawood Newport flat pan non-insulated covered patio.

Project 2.

10′ x 20′ attached Alumawood Insulated Patio cover, design, plan & costs.

This project is an insulated Maxx panel 3″ solid  2lb. foam with fan beam to support a fan with two recessed lights. A double 3″ x 8″ headers over 2- roman columns. All white with corbel end cut designs. A timeless traditional patio cover design.

Project 3.

13’6″ x 37′ attached Alumawood Maxx Panel insulated patio cover idea, design, costs, and plan. This project includes all doubleheaders, fans, and recessed lights.

Project 4.

12′ x 27′  attached Alumawood Newport Non-insulated Flat pan patio cover design- No electrical

Project 5.

11′ x 20′ attached Alumawood Newport Flat Pan- design, plans, and cost.

Project 6.

16′ x 13′ Attached, roof mount Newport Flat Pan, design, plans, and cost.

Project 7.

9′ x 18′ Attached. Laguna Lattice patio cover, design, plan, and cost.

Project 8.

19′ x 28′ 6″ Attached Newport Flat Pan patio cover design, plan, and cost.

Project 9.

13′ x 31′ Attached Newport Flat Pan. Patio cover design, plan & cost.

Project 10.

12′ x 24′ Attached Newport Flat Pan. Patio cover design, plan & cost.

Don’t worry if you cannot find what you are searching for; we have a design for every situation. We will be adding more to this page in the future. Call us for an appointment, and we will glad to help you.



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