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How To Choose The Right Tiles For Your Outdoor Patio

Sep 23, 2022 | Alumawood Patio Covers


With the advent of technology, tiles have rapidly made their place in commercial and residential decor. And while tiles are excellent for indoor use, they have made equal strides in outdoor areas like patios, decks, pathways, parking areas, swimming pool areas, etc.  

While they are easy to maintain and available in stylish designs, a significant factor in favor of outdoor tiles is that they are immensely durable and bear harsh weather conditions and external pressure. A great instance comes from parking tiles, which are durable enough to withstand the weight and pressure of cars while enhancing the space with a unique look. 

The Best Outdoor Tile Options

While many outdoor tiles are available in the market, keeping a few other factors in mind, like the space, environment, the vibe you want, etc., is vital when choosing tiles for parking lots. Even the tile material ranks pretty high in aspects for consideration while buying. In that light, the following are some of the best tiles for an outdoor patio.

Durable Granite for A Natural Feeling Patio 

Granite is one of the most complex natural stone materials and is renowned for delivering a luxurious look. Granite tiles extend that strength with added durability and the ability to withstand all weather conditions. And, unlike natural stones, they are available in many colors. So if you wish to add natural stone tiles to your patio, granite tiles are your best option! 

Resistant to stains and scratches, your granite tile flooring will look fantastic for a long time. However, it would help if you remembered that granite tiles must be sealed, requiring resealing once or twice a year to look as good as new. With this much maintenance, you can be assured of a natural stone look that will appear magnificent with a mini-garden.

Kiln Fired Porcelain Tiles for Extreme Weather Conditions

Porcelain tiles have been synonymous with strength and resilience, with their dense material ensuring no damage, irrespective of traffic. And while porcelain tiles have traditionally been limited to just the indoor, you can deploy them in the outdoor areas of your residential and commercial spaces too! You will also find specific outdoor porcelain tiles that go well with patios or deck areas. This tile, made using clay, is pretty durable. This ensures their admired design remains the same even in mud, dirt, or extreme weather conditions. 

Manufactured by baking the tiles in a hot kiln, these tiles are bound to resist cracking even under severe weather conditions like super hot summers and icy cold winters. They are also simple to clean, which is excellent considering the potential for spills or dust in patios. As they are non-porous, you can sweep them or mop them in case of such occurrences. 

Available in various colors, designs, sizes, and shapes, these tiles are also available in natural prints like wood, concrete, and stone. Matte-finished outdoor porcelain tiles for the patio are best as they provide more grip and reduce the risk of slipping while giving a subtle finish.

Low Maintenance and Budget Friendly Ceramic Tiles

Hard ceramic tiles that have been okayed for outdoor use can be excellent for your patio or deck. At the same time, ceramic tiles may score lower on durability than other materials on this list, like porcelain; for instance, a light-use patio can easily be decorated using traditional ceramic floor tiles.

In this case, if you choose to go with ceramic tiles, please make sure they are suitable for outdoor use. As a thumb rule, ceramic tiles that are marketed and sold as wall tiles won’t suit patio floors. As walls face considerably less traffic than floors, such wall tiles would be unable to withstand foot traffic. 

That said, ceramic tiles for outdoor use are durable and easy to clean and maintain. They are excellent if one wants to go with an economical budget.

Pop of Colour And Texture With Travertine Tiles

Travertine is a beautiful natural stone with fantastic color and fibrous texture. Mined in the areas surrounding natural mineral springs, travertine is often considered a type of limestone. Although the rock is hard, it has a surface covered in pits which can act as crevices for dirt to build up unless the stone is polished until smooth. However, one disadvantage of polished travertine is that it can get super slippery while wet.

For such purposes, you can always select travertine tiles that give an authentic travertine look and exceptional strength and durability. These tiles are also immune to moisture, making them perfect for patios. So if you desire refined travertine looks on your deck, these tiles can do wonders.

Slip Resistant Slate to Prevent Accidents

Slate is a metamorphic rock formed under immense pressure and heat, making it one of the preferable choices for an outdoor patio while considering natural stone. If that earthy and refined slate look is something you admire, you can always get slate tiles for your decks. They are excellently resistant to water, rugged, and durable. With a natural texture that prevents accidents and slips, slate tiles are available in various colors like grey, black, green, purple, orange, red, gold, and blue.

Natural-Looking Limestone for A Nature Inspired Patio

Limestone has been one of the most popular construction materials for hundreds of years, if not more. A sedimentary rock that is abundantly available, it is also straightforward to fabricate. It blends well with the outdoors, which contributes to its popularity. While primarily found in lighter shades of brown, grey, red, and tan, the stone is especially good at reflecting heat, making it an ideal choice for places with extreme summers.

However, limestone is a soft stone that can easily get chipped or scratched. Consequently, it needs to be sealed regularly to prevent staining. While limestone resists the growth of bacteria and can be used near a pool, limiting its use to drier places or ones without harsh winters is best. Alternatively, you can go with limestone tiles that look like quarry limestone. These tiles are invulnerable to water, stains, extreme weather, etc., bringing the chic limestone look without maintenance hassles.

  Outdoor tiles can have a significant role in any space’s feel and look. The various outdoor tile materials have pros and cons, so it is best to keep your requirements (weather conditions, location, lifestyle, and taste) in mind while choosing an outdoor tile. 

Written by our guest blogger

Isha Tandon