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How to throw Bachelorette Parties on a budget

Feb 6, 2020 | News

Aimee Lyons

How to Throw an Epic Bachelorette Party Without Spending a Fortune

According to a study by WeddingWire, one in five bachelorette party-goers spent close to $1,000 to attend, while one in ten spent $4,000 or more. If you’ve been tasked with throwing your best friend’s bachelorette party but must stick to a much lower budget, you have a big task ahead of you. Don’t stress out; we’ve put together some awesome ideas for throwing a bachelorette party without spending a fortune.

Save on favors and gifts using a Macy’s discount.

You don’t need to resort to the dollar store to save some money on party favors and gift bags for the bash. Check out Macy’s for high-quality gifts that don’t cost a bundle, such as fun matching pajamas, sparkling trinkets, or fashionable new bags. Shop smart and stretch your budget using sales, promotions, and coupons. For some ideas on how to save more at Macy’s, check out Rakuten’s 19 Ways to Save at Macy’s guide. Tips include signing up for a Macy’s credit card, taking advantage of monthly one-day sales, and shopping at the Last Act clearance section.

If it’s makeup you’re after, head to Sephora, where you can choose from various cosmetics and skincare products in every price range. You will indeed find something that fits your budget and your party style.

Road trip together

If you want to leave town, a destination bachelorette event doesn’t necessarily have to be a pricey endeavor. The bride and her best girlfriends can take a road trip to a nearby destination for a weekend of fun. Though Vegas is a popular spot, pick a different place if you are on the other side of the country. Anywhere from a nearby vineyard to the closest beach can be a fun party spot. Rent a house through Vrbo or Airbnb for the weekend instead of expensive hotel suites. You’ll not just save money on lodging but on food as well because most rentals have kitchens to work within.

Host a sleepover

If you stay local, host a sleepover, and act like teenagers again. Well, maybe you’ll have a few alcoholic beverages, too – so not precisely like teenagers. Gather all the girls, put on those pajamas, and stay up all night. You can watch all your favorite movies, dance like nobody’s watching, and give each other pedicures. You can have a good old-fashioned slumber party to celebrate your friend’s upcoming marriage without spending much money. If you want to spend the extra money on something, go to a lovely brunch when you wake up around noon the next day.

Explore the outdoors

Bond with the bride and all her besties with an outdoor adventure. Hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, and camping are cheap ideas that can be a blast. If you plan to head outdoors, ensure the bride and all her guests are down with the idea. Some ladies wouldn’t want any part of an outdoor bachelorette party. But if your group would love the idea of ditching the heels and makeup for the weekend, it’s an affordable option that can be fun.

Make it a charity day.

No one says a bachelorette party has to last the entire weekend. Just make a day of it instead. If the bride enjoys doing charity work, spend the day supporting her favorite cause as a group. Whether serving food at your local soup kitchen or hugging puppies at the humane society, you can have fun together and feel good about giving back to your community. Finish the day with dinner at the bride’s favorite eatery or go out for pizza and a few bowling games.

Toning down the cost of the party doesn’t mean toning down the fun factor. The amount of money spent on the bachelorette party isn’t what matters. What’s important is that the bride and her best friends have an excellent time together – and that can happen at any price tag.

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The article was written by Guest Blogger Aimee Lyons