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Is your aluminum patio cover leaking? Here are some possible answers.

  Is your Aluminum solid top patio cover leaking from rain water or dripping water from excessive moisture in the air?

 Remember to know the difference between these two issues.

   In our coastal communities here in Orange County California moisture can roll in at night and may bring the wetness with it. Sometimes moisture can build up due to this fog and knowing that this is a normal issue and not due to rain water leakage. What happens? The surface of aluminum products do not absorb moisture from fog, like wood structures will thus this build up happens. Don’t worry this is normal.

Real leakage occurs in different ways. The most common leaks happen when the patio cover becomes overwhelmed with rain water all at once, depending how much at one time can cause water to seep into the attachment to your fascia boards or house wall wherever the cover meets your house. This happens when: Gutters have not been cleaned seasonally, the downspouts are full of leaves, and simply there is not enough downspouts to handle the extreme runoff of the patio roof. Which may take several downspout to do the job.

 Overwhelming the system occurs when other roofs above the patio cover is pouring rain water down on top of the cover all at once. Some people avoid this issue altogether and we always recommended that roofs above the cover should have its own gutter and downspout system. There is never a guarantee that your cover will be water proofed when this happens, just common sense tells you this when this happens- there is more water hitting the cover than it can handle.

 Another issue is when the patio cover is attached to your fascia board without it’s own gutter and downspout system. Because again, other roofs are dumping water onto the cover overwhelming the system all at once. When this happens there is really no guarantee of water proofing.

How to solve these issues:

Add gutters and downspouts to all of your house fascia boards above the solid patio cover keeping the rain water away from your aluminum patio cover. The solid top patio covers are only designed to handle its own water runoff. Some people don’t care until a leak occurs but that’s a different issue altogether.

 Another way is to add more than one scuppers or downspouts to your aluminum patio covers gutter to make sure when this occurs the water has some where to drain. A scupper is a deflective shield that attaches to your gutter which pushes the rain water away from your cover. We use scuppers when square of round columns are installed. Downspouts look bad when they are attached to your beautiful columns.

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