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Landscaping Ideas for Small Spaces

Apr 2, 2017 | Outdoor Living

Landscaping is a great way to make your home feel inviting and even increase the value of your land. If you have a small yard, you may think that you can’t do much with your landscaping, but there’s tons of potential for excellent landscape design with a small space. Here are some ideas that don’t require much room, but will transform the way your yard looks and feels.

Tiered Gardens
You can make the most of your space by having tiered flower gardens, which allow you to put more plants in a smaller area while also creating visual appeal that extends vertically. Tiered gardens look great lining your yard or accenting the walls of your home, and they frame your open space nicely while adding some color.

Even if your home isn’t large enough to have a real deck or porch, you can create your own with wood panels and some comfortable lawn furniture. In a particularly small backyard, you can have the decking take up most of the space, and then use wildflowers and grasses to fill out the border of the yard.

Tiled Accents
The more dimension you add to your front or back yard, the bigger and more inviting it looks. A great way to add some modern design to a small backyard is to create a path or border using stone tiles. A short walkway is inviting and encourages visitors to step into the yard and explore as opposed to just staying inside. Add some strategically placed benches, and you’ll have a great space to throw small get-togethers.

Vegetable Patch
If you’re interested in growing your food, a small backyard can be the perfect place to do it. Turn your lawn area into a plot for your favorite veggies, and then add a small dining space where you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Accent with some subtle lighting and you have a trendy little hangout space that’s inexpensive and easy to assemble.

Hanging Plants
If you don’t have enough room to install plants or a garden on the ground, consider hanging them instead. You can easily hang plants from a rack or other type of overhang, or you can even hang them from a fence or wall with some creativity. Use some cute planters to add to the charm of this cute idea.

Hammock/Porch Swing
One of the biggest gripes that homeowners have with small yards is that they don’t have any space to relax. An easy way to change this is by installing a hammock or porch swing and making it the centerpiece of your yard. It will quickly transform it into a place where your whole family will enjoy spending time and enjoying beautiful weather. To make the mood even more romantic and charming, add some hanging lanterns for some ambiance.

Japanese-inspired Water Garden
You don’t need much space to have a water garden, so it makes an excellent addition to any small yard. Surround the area with rocks and calming plants such as bamboo and lilies, and then use the water feature as a centerpiece. A small pond works well in a backyard, or you could add a vertical waterfall if you want to use your space exceptionally and economically.

Just because you have a small yard doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and introduce fun and exciting design concepts. Some many large-scale ideas and trends can be scaled down to work in a smaller space with a bit of creativity. Smaller areas also lend themselves easily to DIY projects, so if you are crafty, you can use a small space as an opportunity to experiment.