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Louvered patio covers inside information & truths

Louvered patio covers inside information and truths, what you should know before considering a purchase. The Vergola opening roof louvered systems and Equinox Louvered patio covers are near identical. in fact, Vergola louvered opening roof patio covers buy louvers from Equinox. but also sell the steel louvers than can rust over time. Both have extruded aluminum box beam frames, pivot strips, link bars, and 4″ x 4″ extruded aluminum posts. Today, Equinox upgraded it’s steel louvers to an all extruded aluminum product, which is currently being offered by Vergola. The evolution of these upgrades and many others are innovated in its entirety by Amerimax Building Products. Today, everyone can afford a louvered patio cover, and owning an Equinox just got easier. Visit our Promotions page and see why.