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Outdoor Furniture Must-Haves

Feb 5, 2017 | Outdoor Living

Outdoor furniture plays a pivotal role in crafting an exceptional backyard ambiance. It infuses homeliness and warmth, encouraging extended stays in your outdoor haven. While various outdoor furniture options beckons, here are the quintessential additions, we recommend for your collection.

Lounge Chairs: Indulging in the sun’s warmth on a balmy day is an unmatched pleasure, and a lounge chair is a quintessential centerpiece. Prioritize lounge chairs, offering multiple recline settings for optimal comfort and adequate back support. Lounge chairs provide the ultimate relaxation spot, particularly essential if you have a pool.

Dining Table: Savoring meals al fresco is a delightful experience, warranting the inclusion of a sturdy dining table in your collection. Opt for durability, ensuring years of use for various occasions. Accommodating your family and guests, a spacious dining table can be enhanced with fresh flowers or decor at its center, making every meal special.

Side Table and Chairs: Elevate the allure of your backyard with charming side tables where guests can enjoy drinks and engaging conversations. These small yet essential additions infuse an inviting ambiance. Ideal for frequent entertainers seeking abundant seating options, side tables can be adorned with candles as enchanting centerpieces.

Outdoor Sofa/Ottoman: Seamlessly blend indoor comfort with the outdoors by introducing a stylish outdoor sofa. Crafted from durable, soft fabrics and designed to harmonize with your yard’s aesthetic, outdoor sofas become inviting conversation hubs. Choose a set that features complementing ottomans, providing footrests for ultimate relaxation.

Bench: Inject a touch of elegance into your garden with a charming bar. Scatter these benches throughout paths or foliage-rich corners to evoke the ambiance of a serene park. Opt for spacious seating that comfortably accommodates two or more individuals, and select materials resistant to environmental elements.

Hammock: If trees grace your yard, consider adding a hammock to provide an idyllic relaxation spot. Hammocks offer a shaded space for outdoor naps and are adored by children. Budget-friendly and easily accessorized with cushions, hammocks grant you a serene haven for leisure.

Porch Swing: Elevate your home’s aesthetic with a functional porch swing with charm. Though an investment, a porch swing augments curb appeal and enhances the value of your space. Accessorize with durable pillows and blankets for comfort, ideal for creating romantic and inviting nooks.

Patio Cover: While not precisely furniture, a sturdy patio cover is essential to safeguard your furniture from rain and snow. It extends the utility of your backyard, allowing enjoyment even during inclement weather. Patio covers ensure your outdoor space remains inviting and functional, regardless of the elements.

Incorporating these staple pieces into your outdoor setting transforms it into a harmonious haven, beckoning relaxation and conviviality.