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Patio Covers & She Shed Design Ideas in Orange County, CA.

Feb 21, 2013 | News

“Orange County has excellent weather; start enjoying it.”

Our beautiful year-round weather here in Orange County is great for an outdoor lifestyle. Many folks tend not to enjoy their patio area because they believe it would be too costly. A place away from indoors serves many purposes, from an outdoor family room, dining area, or a She-Shed.

You can add blue tooth speakers to your design that won’t hurt your purse. I found these outdoor speakers on Amazon for a reasonable cost. If you order them, make sure you get speaker wire as well. There are many ways to customize your She-Shed. Adding a simple water feature or water fountain creates a Zhen effect eliminating sounds around you. Just in case your partner won’t stop talking — just kidding. The sounds of water can reset your thinking about practical issues that stand in your way, having peace of mind. Stringing lights can also add that ambiance to your She-Shed areas that the interior of your home does not. Use 3M fasteners onto your patio cover without adding holes to string your lights. 

“Get away from it all and read a novel.”

 Forget where you are and transport your thoughts to another place. Having a patio cover or She-Shed will allow this to happen, but make sure you have comfortable furniture. I found mine at Costco for a great deal. has many options with quality materials using canvas Sunbrella and aluminum powder-coated patio furniture. Don’t forget the ensemble with the fire pit; this will keep you very warm at night. You will be able to spend more time under your patio cover doing what makes you happy.