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Dec 24, 2013 | News

When contemplating the design of a new patio cover or shade structure for your backyard haven, you’re presented with three distinct product choices, each with merits and considerations.

The initial option embraces the traditional realm of all-wood materials. However, it’s imperative to recognize that most available wood stems from fast-grown timber, often originating from twenty-year-old trees. This fast growth results in wood fibers with loose and uncompacted density, rendering them susceptible to the ravages of time. Wood’s vulnerability to rot, decay, insect infestations, and termite intrusion into your home’s substructure is well-documented. Moreover, wood poses a fire and safety hazard.

Sustaining a wood patio cover mandates ongoing attention:

The wood must undergo a process to extract moisture before applying primer and paint; otherwise, its longevity is compromised. Regular beam replacement and repainting every three years are prerequisites.

The subsequent alternative introduces Vinyl as a contender.

Vinyl patio covers, while devoid of a natural appearance, exhibit a gloss finish akin to plastic patio furniture. This petroleum-derived product lacks the capacity for painting and an embossed woodgrain texture on its surface. Over time, warping tendencies emerge. Vinyl options lack the breadth of color choices suitable for harmonizing with earth-tone hues prevalent in residential exterior designs.

Though often double the cost of other choices and necessitating additional installation steps, Vinyl finds its forte in fencing. However, it manifests a conspicuously synthetic aspect, with slender, diminutive beams.

Maintenance for Vinyl is generally light, requiring a pressure wash every couple of years.

The third avenue introduces the Alumawood patio cover, spotlighting aluminum-based solutions.

Alumawood constitutes a testament to enduring quality, demanding minimal to no maintenance. It is enveloped in siliconized polyester paint like that used on sky-rise constructions; its lifespan can extend to sixty years.

Distinguished by intricate wood-grained embossing, Alumawood arrives in a selection of pre-painted colors that seamlessly meld with your home’s exterior palette, retaining a natural allure.

Installation proves uncomplicated, often concluding within a single day. Annual upkeep merely requires a garden hose or pressure washer. Alumawood patio covers boast a Dupont Teflon coating, simplifying cleaning and maintenance. Indeed, it might well be the ultimate patio cover, an indefinite investment.

Alumawood patio cover products are economically priced, offering a practical and reasonable solution for your needs.