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Patio Covers, Design Ideas & Costs using Alumawood


Factory Direct Patio Covers offers a complete selection of Patio Cover Ideas, Choose from our gallery of original exclusive Patio Cover designs. Factory Direct Patio Covers also provides resources for the do it yourself homeowner with Patio Cover installation instructions, brochures, and building permit plans, including engineering, to satisfy your local building department. Patio Cover kits can be ready for pickup and custom made to fit your patio Cover design idea in as little as three days. We can also deliver your order to your job site within one week in the Southern California market. Have your overall patio cover area measurements available when calling us, and we will be glad to help you design your patio cover.

Do you have a complicated area to build a patio cover and cannot find someone to help you?

We find that our competitor’s just order take and do not take the proper time helping you with your patio cover design. Usually, they offer cheap pricing with a one size fits all mentality, and they will try to force the purchase upon you. We do not charge for our design ideas, and we never profit from our installation service. Our credibility depends upon your satisfaction and continued enjoyment of your new outdoor patio cover living space long after your check has cleared the bank. We provide a ten year no hassle labor guarantee, and we always will service your concerns.

You are tired of complicated salesman that pressures your purchase without answering questions in detail?

We find that most companies do care about your satisfaction after the sale has gone thru, and they do not care for repeat customers. The devil is in the details, so do not skip over the design features and details. Once your patio cover gets installed, it is not likely you can return the patio cover product to the seller. The aluminum patio cover industry manufactures several qualities, and knowing which one you purchased is tough.

Do you get one price over the phone, and as soon as you want to go forward with the purchase, you find out the price has changed?

A common practice in the patio cover industry of today. The more reputable patio cover companies will try to get as much information as possible before a general quote can be processed. Beware of companies that require both husband and wife both be present for your estimate and consultation. It’s usually a sign and indicator that they will pressure you into signing a contract on their first visit. Often the design of your patio cover can change many times. We leave every potential customer a folder packed with brochures, product information, company insurance information, color choices, and referrals of over 6000 satisfied customers.

Are you afraid your aluminum patio cover once installed does not look the same as the pictures show?

This is a widespread problem in the aluminum patio cover industry; we find our competitor’s customers calling us to repair and fix other company’s mistakes. Our pictures show the quality that we sell, and every job is consistent, one from the patio cover project to the next. We get several patio cover projects all on the same street, and we provide the same price, quality from one house to the future with zero complaints on our records because of this.

Are you having trouble designing your freestanding patio cover design to be compliant with local building codes?

Be very careful and check your local building department for setback requirements because you can end up having to remove a non-compliant freestanding patio cover. If you do not permit your freestanding patio cover, the least you should do is make sure it is allowable and setback compliant.

Patio Cover costs-

Depending if the patio cover is attached to your home or a freestanding patio cover design the price is quite different, using genuine Alumawood by Amerimax an attached patio cover costs should be around $13 to $15 per square feet including installation with a minimum 200 square feet purchase and as long as you are bolting the posts to your existing concrete pad and not using footings. However, a freestanding patio cover design is much more in costs. Freestanding patio covers require concrete foundations using steel posts, and these footing sizes range from 20” square to over 39” square. Freestanding patio cover design also needs to be appropriately designed for them to look proper and not like a bad haircut. Complete overall measurements are essential, post spacing, overhang, and the general design all require a specific element of design knowledge for a quality appearance. Visit our website for more information or call us at 949 233-2376, 714 713-2240.