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How much does an Alumawood Patio Cover Cost?

Dec 22, 2013 | News

Comparing Alumawood Patio Cover Prices: Finding the Best Deal for Your Home

Alumawood Patio Cover Cost?

At Factory Direct Patio Covers, your search for the perfect patio cover ideas ends with our diverse options. Delve into our exclusive gallery featuring original and captivating patio cover designs. We cater to DIY enthusiasts and homeowners seeking professional installation, providing various resources, including installation instructions, brochures, and building permit plans complete with engineering specifications to satisfy local building regulations.

Our Patio Cover kits can be tailored to your specific design ideas and are often ready for pickup in as little as three days. For added convenience, we offer delivery within one week to job sites within the Southern California market. When you reach out to us, ensure your patio cover area measurements are on hand – our team will be delighted to assist you in crafting your ideal patio cover.

Tired of Complicated Sales Processes? Choose Factory Direct Patio Covers

Finding yourself entangled in the complexities of a patio cover purchase? At Factory Direct Patio Covers, we stand apart by prioritizing your satisfaction. Unlike competitors who prioritize quick sales over thorough assistance, we’re committed to offering design ideas without charging and refraining from profiting from our installation service. Your contentment and continued enjoyment of your outdoor living space remain paramount long after completing the transaction. To solidify this commitment, we provide a ten-year hassle-free labor guarantee, ensuring your concerns are always addressed.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

Are they worried about pushy sales tactics that leave your questions unanswered? We understand the importance of post-sale satisfaction and cultivating lasting customer relationships. The intricate details of your patio cover’s design shouldn’t be overlooked. With us, each potential customer receives a comprehensive folder filled with product information, brochures, color choices, company insurance details, and referrals from our roster of over 6000 satisfied customers.

Transparency in Quality and Consistency

We are concerned that your aluminum patio cover might not match the showcased pictures. Factory Direct Patio Covers alleviates this concern through consistent quality across all projects. The images reflect our quality, maintaining uniformity from one project to the next. We’ve earned a reputation for reliability, which is evident in our records, which are devoid of customer complaints.

Design Compliance and Consideration

Designing a freestanding patio cover that is compliant with local building codes can be challenging. We offer guidance to ensure your design aligns with regulations. Be mindful of setbacks specified by your local building department to prevent complications down the line.

Understanding Costs

Patio cover costs vary based on attachment type and design. For an attached patio cover using genuine Alumawood by Amerimax, prices range from $20 to $22 per square foot, including installation, for a minimum 200 square feet purchase. Freestanding patio covers involve additional expenses, given the need for concrete foundations and steel posts. Design knowledge is crucial to achieving a quality appearance, accounting for elements like post spacing, overhang, and overall layout.

For more information, visit our website or contact us at 949-233-2376 or 714-713-2240.