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Patio Covers-Designs & Construction in Costa Mesa

Nov 12, 2019 | News

Have you started a Patio Cover project without a well thought out plan?

 We have seen every possible issue associated with inadequate planning. We can problem-solve many significant design flaws, saving you time and money. Most importantly, repairing a lousy plan that had already begun.

We can reverse many mistakes associated with horrible advice. Be careful proceeding into a project without a proper plan, design, and layout.  Free help and information are only free if it works.

 This project, located in Costa Mesa, California, was initially started as a freestanding wood structure patio cover. As you can see, they would have had six posts in their initial plan. One post directly in front of a window blocking views.

The bailout.

Upon initial examination, we decided to design the structure with a roof mount ledger eliminating three wood posts. Roof mount ledgers are an easy way to obtain more height and width following the home’s roofline. 

For this story in Costa Mesa, the ending is better than the beginning. With our fix, the customer now enjoys a beautiful Laguna Lattice patio cover with square columns — three post total, not six. we always say, “Less is more!”

Patio Covers-Designs & Construction in Costa Mesa