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Patio Louvered roof- Equinox louvered roof system in Orange County

Feb 16, 2013 | News

Living with Louvers.

You never achieve the fullness and appearance of your home’s remodeled interior until you install a louvered patio cover.

People find that their efforts of a remodel are never found to be complete until the patio covers get installed. The benefits are endless. Your furniture, hardwood floors, and draperies get protected and last much longer without the harmful effects of the sun beating down on them.

Use the sun’s rays to light up your outdoor dining table.

A hidden benefit of owning a louvered system is when the sun sets on the horizon; you can position the louvers to bounce sunlight off and onto the area below.

Control is at your fingertips:

You can add intelligent motors and sensors to your system, allowing you to control your louvers when you want from your cell phone. Some people prefer to use the standard remote control because of cost savings.

Dress up your louvered cover from Modern to traditional.

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