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Patio Warehouse & Elitewood Hoax vs Alumawood

Aug 20, 2023 | News

How can you determine the product you’ve acquired?

Attention, valued customers! It has come to our attention that certain entities are distorting the truth regarding Alumawood by Amerimax. They claim to be authorized dealers and representatives of the original products. Often, they leverage the Alumawood name in their marketing efforts yet furnish an alternative product that may or may not match the quality of the brand you were led to believe in. Over time, a regrettable trend has emerged: some companies showcase one product during sales but ultimately deliver an entirely different item. Regrettably, even certain manufacturers contribute to this deception.

The authenticity of Alumawood brand-named products is verifiable through an internal stamp within each beam, allowing vigilant consumers to confirm the genuineness of their purchase. It’s time to dispel the confusion surrounding these misconceptions, ensuring consumers receive precisely what they invested in.

In the contemporary market, the landscape remains treacherous and rife with subtleties. When considering purchases, exercise caution, particularly when encountering print advertisements. Patio cover companies might attempt to sway you into a hasty decision that hasn’t been adequately researched. Your informed choice is pivotal.