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Aluminum Pergola’s & Patio Covers Guaranteed for Life

Oct 31, 2019 | News

“Don’t Build With Wood, Build with Maxxwood.”

No one wants to spend excess money and endless days maintaining a wood pergola structure. The density of wood products that dominate the marketplace today tends to be very loose and needs to be prepared and built-in specific ways to preserve it.

The age of a tree matters.”

Excessive moisture in fast-grown lumber needs to dry to a certain percentage before sealing the wood and, if not, the wood will rot or decay in a short time. Through the years of aging, your wood cover or pergola will become an eyesore, a lifetime of maintenance and constant care. You will be resealing your wood cover or painting it and replacing one beam at a time forever.

Consider everything.”

Check out these pictures below, showing the horrors of living with a wood patio structure.

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Aluminum Pergola’s & Patio Covers Guaranteed for Life