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Practical Ways to Impress Your Vacation Rental Guests

Jun 3, 2021 | News

Practical Ways to Impress Your Vacation Rental Guests

More and more homeowners are discovering that renting a house to temporary guests is an excellent way to pay off a mortgage or offset the cost of a second home. Not only that, but many people are buying investment properties to rent them out to tourists. It would be best to leave your guests in awe to capitalize on your vacation home. Happy guests will likely book your place again and recommend your house to others. As you prep your Orange County home, take note of some of these practical tips to “wow” your guests.

First Steps to Start Your Business


Once ready to get things off the ground, you must formally establish your business with the Secretary of State. You have a few options, but for rental property business, we recommend forming a limited liability company (an LLC), which can be done by utilizing a formation service such as ZenBusiness (refer to their contact info for any questions you may have about the LLC formation process and related costs). As the name suggests, an LLC limits your financial and legal liability and allows you to set up a business banking account. Once your business bank is set up, you can proceed with your business operations.


Get Professional


As mentioned, renting out your Orange County home turns it into a business, so it’s essential to approach the process professionally. Vacation rental owners must set rates, market their property, and make improvements to maximize revenue. This is why using a vacation rental management company for your investment property is a good idea. A good agency will help you comply with any licensing and regulations for your area, offer 24/7 local support to protect your investment, and provide professional cleanings between guests. Your guests will notice when you treat your vacation home like a professional business.


Make Low-Cost Upgrades


Since your guests will view pictures of your home before renting, everything must look clean and inviting. A well-lived-in home may need a little care before it can appeal to your guests. Fortunately, some of the most impactful home upgrades are also the cheapest!


Start by giving all of your walls a fresh coat of paint. Shoot for neutral colors like warm gray or off-white to appeal to all of your guests. You can get a little more colorful in the bedroom with lavender, soft green, or pale blue; these are some of the most soothing colors. If you have a little left in your budget, consider adding crown molding to your rooms.


Then, see what you can do about the kitchen and bathroom. Instead of remodeling these rooms completely, repaint the cabinets and consider replacing the countertops. New cabinet hardware can also go a long way toward modernizing these rooms. To give your bathroom that much-desired “wow” factor, replace the showerhead with a rain shower and hang a large mirror to make the space look big and bright.


Enhance Your Curb Appeal


The first impression that your guests form will set the stage for the rest of their stay, so make sure your home looks great from the sidewalk. InstallItDirect recommends dealing with outdoor hazards that could hurt your guests and lead to a lawsuit. Repair any unsafe walkways, level your lawn, add outdoor lighting, and inspect wood decks for rot or loose railings.


Design an Outdoor Dining Area


While thinking about your home’s exterior, consider setting up a welcoming outdoor dining area. Your guests will love this, especially if your home is in a warm climate. An outdoor lounge and some entertainment will extend the space of the vacation home and give guests a place to wind down after a day of exploring the city. Invest in comfortable modern patio furniture, splurge on a louvered patio cover to add a level of sophistication, and add a few plants. Remember: a well-curated outdoor aesthetic can be a huge draw for guests.


Create a Welcome Package


Leaving a little welcome package for your guests will delight your visitors and encourage them to recommend your rental to others. For example, you could obtain a tourist map and leave it with a gift card to one of the top attractions or restaurants. For families, create an entertainment gift basket with coloring books and crayons. You can even fill a little basket with keychains or magnets representing Orange County. At the very least, leave some chocolates or a personalized welcome sign to show guests you went the extra mile.


Numerous homeowners have successfully rented out their homes in the short term. Whatever your budget, make sure you set aside some resources to turn your home into a space that will attract as many guests as possible. When your home is in high demand, you can charge more for bookings and enjoy an even higher return on your investment!

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Written By Our Guest Blogger- Emma Grace Brown