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Temperature Difference between Insulated vs Non Insulated Patio Covers?

Nov 30, 2019 | News

What is the temperature difference between Insulated and Non-insulated patio covers?

It depends on many factors, where you live, your patio cover’s height, and if all sides of the patio cover have exposure to airflow.

 First of all, if you live near the ocean, the non-insulated product will work just fine for you. The temperature difference between insulated and non-insulated is minimal in this environment. The extra costs would be considered wasteful spending.

The appearance of the non-insulated material looks better and is more appealing.

Most importantly, if only two sides open, an insulated product can work well without transferring heat under the Patio Cover. If all four sides are open around the cover, an insulated patio cover could be a waste of money. In an atrium area where only one side is open, an insulated product is better.

Generally, insulated tops are for room enclosures where there is no airflow while disallowing heat to transfer into the room.