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Vergola Opening Roof & Equinox Louvered Roof Systems

Jan 8, 2014 | News

Unveiling the Truth: What You Need to Know Before Choosing Louvered Patio Covers

Diving into the Details: Demystifying the Nuances of Louvered Patio Covers

When considering louvered patio covers, it’s essential to be armed with inside information that sheds light on the truths and factors to consider before making a purchase decision.

Exploring the Similarities: Vergola and Equinox Louvered Patio Covers

At a glance, Vergola opening roof louvered patio covers and Equinox Louvered patio covers may seem nearly identical. Interestingly, Vergola sources its louvers from Equinox, forming a link between the two brands. Both products feature robust extruded aluminum box beam frames and essential components such as pivot strips, link bars, and 4″ x 4″ extruded aluminum posts.

A New Horizon: Upgraded Louvers and the Role of Amerimax Building Products

Innovation in the Louvered World: Upgraded Louvers and Amerimax’s Contribution

A noteworthy evolution has taken place in the louvered realm. Equinox has taken a significant step by transitioning its steel louvers to an all-extruded aluminum variant. This upgrade, enhancing durability and aesthetics, is now also adopted by Vergola. The driving force behind these advancements is Amerimax Building Products, which is pivotal in reshaping the landscape of louvered patio covers.

Accessibility for All: Louvered Patio Covers in Reach

Breaking Down Barriers: Affordability and Accessibility

Gone are the days when louvered patio covers were a luxury reserved for a select few. Today, advancements and competition have reshaped the landscape, making these covers accessible to a broader range of individuals. Among the brands, Equinox has become a prime example of this accessibility shift. Now, owning an Equinox louvered roof system has become a reality that’s within reach for many. For a comprehensive insight into these transformations, explore our Promotions page and discover the why behind this phenomenon.