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Tips for Keeping Your Backyard Clean and Safe

May 1, 2017 | Outdoor Living

A great backyard is the perfect addition to any property. Not only does a gorgeous green yard look amazing, but it also is the ideal place to socialize and relax during the summer months. To keep your property values up, as well as ensure that your yard is a safe and comfortable place to hang out, you’ll need to maintain it properly. Here’s what you’ll need to do to keep your backyard groomed.

Get rid of weeds frequently.
Weeds can detract from the look of your lawn, so it’s essential to keep them from growing. If you stay on top of them, you’ll spend less time pulling them out later on, so take a little bit of time each week to go through your yard and pull out the weeds. You can also use herbicides to keep some plants from growing. Ask an employee at your local garden or home improvement store what they would recommend for your area.

Remove rocks or twigs that could get in the way.
If your children or pets spend lots of time outdoors, you won’t want them tripping on any of the debris in your yard. Go through and pick up any rocks, twigs, or other items that could cause damage, and move them to a safe location. Keeping your backyard clear makes it an ideal space for everyone to spend time.

Keep a compost pile somewhere on your property.
Compost is very healthy for the environment, as it breaks down waste naturally in a way that benefits the soil. Keep a small compost pile in an inconspicuous area, and periodically rake through your lawn and compost the results. You can compost things like leaves and grasses without having to throw them away, so your yard stays looking nice and neat.

Mow your grass on a regular schedule.
It’s important to mow your grass regularly to keep it healthy and to ensure that it stays at an even height. Different greens have different ideal lengths, so look online to see what height will work best for your grass. Mowing the lawn not only keeps your yard looking immaculate, but it also helps keep the grass healthy.

Prune your trees to keep them from growing out of control.
Gorgeous trees are the centerpiece of many yards, but they can be challenging to maintain if you don’t make a habit of it. Every week, inspect your trees and take off any dead branches or leaves. If you aren’t comfortable pruning your trees, you can hire a local tree trimmer to do it (look on sites like Groupon to see if you can get a discount).

Fertilize your lawn at the beginning of every new season.
Fertilizer is essential if you want to keep your yard green and healthy. It promotes healthy grown and makes your lawn look lush and inviting. Its recommended that you fertilize your lawn four times per year, so when the seasons change, take a day to complete this chore. Check with a garden expert to see what type of fertilizer you need for your lawn, as it may vary depending on what kind of grass you have.

Keep your pool clean all year round.
If you have a pool, it is imperative to keep it clean and comfortable for users. Treating the water correctly and clean it every few days during the warmer months. It’s especially important to clean it after a storm, as debris will likely have made its way into the water. You should also be sure to keep the pool covered during any weeks where you aren’t using it.


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