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Tips for Throwing an Outdoor Party

Jan 21, 2017 | Outdoor Living

While winter holds sway, for now, the swift arrival of spring brings forth the prospect of outdoor gatherings. The allure of hosting a warm-weather soirée outdoors lies in the refreshing breeze and spacious environs that naturally uplift the mood. Whether you possess a patio or a backyard, throwing your outdoor party at home, be it a barbecue, dinner soiree, cocktail night, or even a backyard bonfire, is well within your grasp. To ensure a seamless event, here are some pointers to guide you.

Create Comfortable Seating Arrangements: Standing throughout the party might not appeal to most guests. Evaluate your outdoor furniture options and organize them thoughtfully. A blend of chairs and stools proves effective, while beach towels on the grass or ledges provide additional relaxation spots. Stools can even double as makeshift tables if needed. Since everyone won’t be seated simultaneously, allocate seating for mingling and periodic rests.

Infuse Ambient Lighting: For evening or night gatherings, augment your yard’s ambiance with lighting to evoke a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Among your party expenses, prioritize lighting, as it can instantaneously metamorphose the appearance of your space. Inexpensive fairy lights can be suspended from trees or rooftops while hanging lanterns contribute an enchanting touch. When wind conditions allow, consider placing small candles on tables and ledges to enhance the ambiance.

Establish a Beverage Station: Beverages are pivotal to any event, be it a traditional barbecue with beer, sophisticated cocktails for a dinner party, or refreshing punches and lemonades for afternoon affairs. Streamline drink access by setting up a designated bar area with a table or dresser. Furnish disposable cups and various drink options, including non-alcoholic selections and water. Adding finger foods or sweets to the bar enhances its allure, swiftly transforming it into a social hub.

Incorporate Games or Activities: For a lively gathering, offer diversions to keep your guests engaged, especially if the list is extensive. Tailor activities to the weather and yard size. Volleyball nets, makeshift cornhole games with beanbags and boxes, or even a slip-and-slide can amuse. Including card games at tables also fosters conversation, catering to less active attendees.

Contingency Plan for Inclement Weather: Though chances are slim, it’s wise to prepare an alternative arrangement in case of rain. If space permits, be ready to adapt by relocating indoors for a movie or game night. Alternatively, consider migrating to a local bar or casual eatery if indoor options are limited. If you have a patio cover, it can serve as a sheltered venue to continue the festivities. Keep guests informed of the contingency plan to avoid confusion about the event’s status.

With these guidelines, you’re poised to orchestrate a flawless outdoor gathering that celebrates the impending spring and maximizes the charms of your yard.