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Unique Plants That Can Transform Your Yard

Apr 16, 2017 | Outdoor Living

If you want to change the way your yard looks and feels, consider adding different plants to the mix. Plants can give your yard life and make the area feel bold and stylish. They can also be used to express your style, as there are so many different types of plants out there with their unique appearances. Here are some of the plants that can set your yard apart from others.

Native Grasses

Most folks love a perfectly manicured lawns providing a fresh and organic feeling that will help you feel closer to nature. There are a variety of different lengths of native grasses, so you can decide which look you prefer. Native grasses are also the perfect complement to any wildflowers you might want to install.

Cacti/Succulents – These unique plants have been very trendy over the past few years, but they aren’t going away anytime soon. Along with the benefit of a unique appearance, they also are very low-maintenance and work well in arid climates that typically wouldn’t support plant life. There are many different types of cacti as well, so you can jazz up your yard with different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Dwarf Perennials – Since the size of the average yard is shrinking; it helps to have plants that look great and are also compact. Dwarf perennial flowers are a great way to add some blooms to your outdoor areas without taking up too much space. They stay very low to the ground, so they’re great to install right next to your house or along a path. They also make for a perfect pop of color that isn’t too overpowering. In addition to dwarf perennials, dwarf shrubs are also becoming very popular right now, and are an easy way to accent your blooms.

Phlox Bushes – Phlox is a family of flowering plants that produce bright, beautiful flowers with broad petals. They are very romantic, and although they do require some maintenance, they look stunning in the backyard. They are a great way to give your yard some interest if you currently feel it’s too boring or dull. Since they are native to North America, they grow well in several different climates. These are a great statement piece for your yard and pair well with other, more subtle bushes and shrubs.

Fruit and Vegetable Plants

Many people love the idea of a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, and one of the best ways to be self-sufficient is to grow your fruits and vegetables. If you have an area of your backyard that receives proper levels of sun, transform it into a little garden where you can grow your food. Do a web search for what types of fruits and vegetables would work best for this first, as individual plants do better in specific areas of the country.

Flowering Trees, such as Dogwood or Cherry Blossom – If you live in an area that supports these types of trees, then they make a perfect addition to any yard. Not only are they gorgeous, but their flowering bushes will give you lots of shade and privacy. Planting a new tree does require some planning, but it will continue to be the centerpiece of your yard for years to come. If your area doesn’t support flowering trees, consider installing another type of large tree to give a similar effect.


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