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Why You Should Add A Back Porch, Patio Cover or Pergola to Your Home

May 7, 2017 | Outdoor Living

If you are remodeling your home shortly, you’ve probably been weighing your options regarding which features you should add to your space. One of the most beneficial features you can add to your home is a back porch. There are tons of benefits to adding this new feature to your home, and it can completely transform your space and the way you spend time there. Be sure to add a patio cover to your new area to make it even more versatile and comfortable.

Back porches add financial value to your home.
One of the reasons you’re renovating is to add financial value to your home in case you decide to sell it in the future. A well-designed back porch will make your home much more attractive to potential buyers, which means it will add lots of financial worth to the property. Back porches are an investment that can have a great payoff when done right.

A back porch allows you to enjoy the outdoors without being too hot or too cold.
It’s always great to spend time outside, but when the temperature fluctuates, you don’t necessarily want to relax in your backyard, where you’ll be right in the path of the sun, wind, or rain. A back porch or patio allows you to still have some access to the outdoors without getting uncomfortable, as you’ll comfortably covered in the shade.

Your back porch makes for an ideal multipurpose space.
When you add a back porch to your yard, you gain another room that you can enjoy for many different purposes. A back porch can function as a second living room, dining room, or even the perfect space for a party. Having such an extra versatile space in your home is ideal because you’ll have a place to transform it as you want depending, on your circumstances.

Porches are stylish and attractive.
In addition to the practical benefits of adding a porch to your home, they are also very aesthetically appealing. There are many different styles of back porches, decks, or patios that you can add to your home, so you can choose the one that best fits your style as well as the look and feel of the existing house. You can also use a porch to display beautiful outdoor furniture as well as your favorite flowers.

A back porch adds more space to a small home.
If your house is small, that’s all the more reason to add a porch to it. A porch adds space to your home without having to make extreme changes to the structure or style of the house. If the interior of your home feels cramped, then adding a porch is a simple way to make it feel more expansive and welcoming.

Back porches can provide you with additional storage space for furniture.
If you have furniture you want to hang onto that just doesn’t quite fit in your home, a back porch may provide you with the perfect place to put it. As long as your furniture is stable enough to withstand the climate that you live in, you can put it outdoors. You can also put it on your back porch with a cover on top to protect it from any precipitation that may pass through.

There are plenty of reasons to try adding a back porch to your home during a renovation. Not only are they very functional, but they are also beautiful and can add financial value to your home as well. 

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