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Distinguishing the patio cover product you’ve received can be perplexing.

Sep 11, 2023 | News


This is our approach:

We engage in direct, real-time person-to-person communication when you call us. We aim to provide accurate answers, assist with inquiries, and arrange appointments for complimentary design and cost assessments. Punctuality is important to us; we ensure timely charges. We handle design queries, including technical aspects, backed by our experience and knowledge. We offer transparent, on-the-spot pricing without unnecessary embellishments. We focus on providing genuine and candid responses, without sales tactics or pushing unnecessary products. Unlike some practices, we don’t showcase one product and deliver another of lesser quality.

Distinguishing the product you’ve received can be perplexing. To determine its authenticity, consider what you’ve purchased. In aluminum patio covers, it’s common to encounter misleading practices from other companies. Some engage in questionable tactics that may border on deceit, undermining consumers’ trust. To counter this, Alumawood by Amerimax and Omni Max take a proactive step by labeling their products with an ink stamp, serving as a definitive marker of authenticity. It’s vital not to be deceived by supposedly reputable patio cover companies that might swap out the product after purchase; such instances have been witnessed multiple times.