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“When eight feet in height is not enough and nine feet won’t make it …. You go ten feet”.

Remember to keep your patio cover in perspective during your design concept, considering heights and sizes of  your beams and components. All must be a first consideration when designing a new patio  cover. The higher your structure is in height the smaller the structure appears using standard components . That’s when you design your new patio cover using  Maxxwood Tm. design series products, you will see the perspective and why it matters. This cover below is over 11′ in height finished, we designed this cover keeping in mind of it’s surroundings using two 12″ round and 10′ tall columns, all 3″ x 8″ rafters and headers are finished with 3″ x 3″ lattice tubes with 3″ spacing on top… perfect.

 This is Maxxwood Tm. Premium series.

Maxxwood Tm Alumwood lattice patio cover in Irvine


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